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Blitzing the ancient settlement


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:D Tomorrow I will be returning to the ancient Iron Age / Romano Celtic Settlement to carry out a full day of searching and recovery of precious artefacts left in the soil from 2000 years of British history !!! Oh yes and i will be filming the event including the treasures that are unearthed ......


The resulting film feature will be made available within 24 hours of the day on site. I will also be digging up any ironwork in the ground to examine whether it will be of Iron Age origin .... :shock:


Here's a taster filmed yesterday in preparation of the forthcoming excavations over the Christmas period :roll:


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That was certainly quick Indy... or shall we call you Speedy from now on :lol:


I am inspired and I want to touch history. So where do I start ?


How much does a proper metal detector cost and do you need to have a licence to use them?

Have got a kids one and we once found some coins on Llandudno beach and a few pieces of 'odd' metal in Delamere Forest along with some pop cans but that's just not the same :oops:


Hard to believe that such wonderful and ancient artifacts can be found just below the surface after so many years. Truly fascinating


Guess you are lucky though as you can wander the fields and ploughed land searching with ease whilst us mere mortals would probably get arrested for trespass :lol:


Keep up the good work Indy and when you become famous (and maybe even rich) because of your finds just remember that I was nice to you..... sometimes :P:wink::D

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:D:shock: Dismayed, an average good detector starts at about ?300 and can go upto as much as ?2000.

My machines are supplied to me at no cost as a type of sponsorship by the machine manufacturers, in return they use my name and the fact that I use their machines to promote their range of machines ..... :P


As you suggest I am very lucky that I have approx a couple of square miles of land at my disposal, much of which still needs more investigation ....

When I become famous ??? :? you really think so ? :wink:

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Indy enjoyed the piece to camera, just how did you walk in two pairs of jean and three coats, are you entering the Michelin Man competition?


Seriously what a good haul and nicely worked film. :D


Given the speed that you gathered your treasure in did you manage to record where each coin or buckle was found, and if so to what sort of accuracy?

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:D Geoff, glad you enjoyed the film .... with regards to the recording of findspots I grade the accuracy of location in association with the importance and rarity of the find i use a very specific trick 8)


If the find is no more than say a Victorian penny then a simple mental note of the position and marking on a map is fine.

However if it is an important find such as a Roman silver coin i simply pinpoint the position using GPS technology giving me a very accurate grid reference.

Its so accurate that if i put the co-ordinates into google Earth it takes me to the exact findspot which can then be marked on aerial photos.

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