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Should Warrington sell it's assets to the Private Sector?

Geoffrey Settle

Should Warrington sell off its Crown Jewels to Private Enterprise to survive?  

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  1. 1. Should Warrington sell off its Crown Jewels to Private Enterprise to survive?

    • No; I?m concerned about the detrimental impact on the environment
    • No; it should remain under Warrington?s control
    • Yes; if safeguards are put in place
    • Yes; sell it off with no safeguards
    • I?d like to see another way to save these Jewels

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Pictures can and do illustrate on occasions what word's can't, but the thought of being aroused by them never entered into my mind. I'm actually quite embarrassed by the way some people's minds work Dissy :oops: are you trying to play with mine?


I've lived a very sheltered life :wink:


As for the spooky house Cartoon above that could be a reality for a project that wants to extend from Gulliver?s World and around Bewsey Old Hall. The conversion of the Old Technical College is going to preserve the building by turning it into a Hotel in the Cultural Quarter. Now our Town is in need of a central hotel, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.




I wonder it Santa will be invited back to Walton Hall when it goes private? He says that he will on WWW front page let's hope that he can keep his word.

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I'm not sure about the plans to turn the old Technical College into a hotel either Peter but maybe like you that's because I am a local and knowing what Warrington is like I can't see why anyone would want to spend the night there. But at least they are not knocking it down so it's not too bad :D:?



The Village Hotel and others do a good trade though but they are outside of the town centre and have rather good facilities.


I guess if the Cultural Quarter ever starts to live upto it's name then a nearby hotel may be a winner though.. just need to rid the area of all the druggies and drunkards first though :cry:


Now Bewsey Old Hall would have made a good hotel especially as it sits within such spaceous grounds.

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