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The Bellian Family


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A FAMILY history enthusiast is asking Warrington people to help him fill a "black hole" in his research.

Mike Wroe, who lives with his family in France, is trying to trace members of the Bellian family of Warrington as part of his research into the family of his maternal grandmother, Sarah Eliza Taylor, nee Wright.

He says he has run into a "genealogical brick wall" in Warrington and is searching for information on Rowland Bellian (born 1891), his wife Bertha , nee Wright (born 1888) and their two daughters, Lillian (born 1914) and Marie (born 1922) .

Mr Wroe hit his brick wall when he reached his grandmother's brother, Samuel Wright.

He and his wife Ellen had seven children, the first three of which (Albert Edward , Edith Annie and Beatrice) were born in Warrington.

The other four (Nellie, Bertha, Gertie and Harry) were born in Pennsylvania.

Ellen and the children subsequently returned to Warrington and were registered on the 1901 census living at 123 Liverpool Road . Samuel , however , remained in the US and died in Youngstown Ohio in 1934 .

" Did Samuel and Ellen separate or did they get divorced ?" asks Mr Wroe.

Researching the seven Wright siblings, Mr Wroe finally managed to trace Robert Davenport, the grandson of Beatrice Wright, who married John Johnson , a hairdresser living on Orford Lane .

Mr. Davenport gave him some details about his aunt Bertha Wright which enabled Mr Wroe to locate her marriage in 1914 to Rowland Bellian and the births of their two daughters, Lillian and Marie.

Mr Wroe believes that Marie Bellian's married name was Galloway and that she died in February 1999 .

He knows that Harry Wright, the youngest of the siblings, was killed in Baghdad in 1917 and that Ellen Wright, who died in 1929, was according to the Electoral Rolls, living with Edith Annie Wright, her eldest and unmarried daughter.

Mr Wroe says: "After 1929 everybody goes off the radar! Consequently in addition to needing more details about the Bellian/Galloway connection, it would be fantastic to fill up the 'family history black hole' in respect of Albert Edward Wright , Edith Annie Wright , Nellie Wright and Gertie Wright." .

Mr Wroe can be contacted at sheilamike@wanadoo.fr

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Long shot I know as this post is a couple of years old now.

I have just started tracing family tree and found connections to this family.

Nellie Wright is my Great, Great Grandma. She married John Scott at St Lukes Church Warrington April 29th 1911 address attime of marriage 119 Liverpool Road. Nellie & John had 3 children I am aware of Bertha, Arthur & John. John Scott and his son (John) ran the funeral directors at 57 Gorsey Lane Warrington (J. Scott & Son). Nellie and John are buried in Warrington Cemetry.

Hope this helps.

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Gosh 2 years must be a record especially for a topic that until now had received no replies at all :unsure:


Welcome to the forum Scotty101 and I really hope Mr Wroe still has the same contact details or that DS is still in contact with him in some way so he hears about your post and your info :D


It's a small word at times although clearly not if you are a part of my annoying family tree :unsure:


Good luck to you and all others in your ancestrial searches :D

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