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Good dog walks with a nice bite

Geoffrey Settle

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We often go to Lymm Dam to walk our dog and pop into the local village pub afterwards because we can take our pup inside. They have a good menu, serve a nice bowl of soup, sandwiches etc and we can sit in front of a nice open fire. Occasionally we'd like to go somewhere else for a change.


This Sunday we went to Walton Hall and walked up to the reservoir and beyond returning to the Christmas Fair which is advertised on the front page of WWW. Whilst it was a nice walk we couldn't take our dog inside the cafe walls.


Does anyone have suggestions for nice walk of say up to two miles that ends near a nice pub that allows dogs inside?



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What's wrong with it's back legs. Seem to be at a funny angle. :roll:


Nothing wrong, Cocker Spaniels just sit like that, they don't mind how they look.


She loves the dam and has many friends there and her in doors likes the pub and the village. It's just down to me wanting a change or scene I love exploring new places.


It looks like there's no pubs in Warrington where I can take the pup. :oops: I'll just have to go further afield.

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Only one I know of is The Parr Arms? in Grappenhall (if it's not that one it's the one next door as I get them confused :oops: ).

It has a special area for drinkers/eaters with dogs and is just about on the canal bank.


There are a few more listed on these sites





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There are a couple of decent doggy walks from the Parr Arms/Rams Head.

Walk back to Grappenhall Bridge by the canal. Turn right just before the bridge walking along the off side of the canal, and take the small track that runs by the second house. This track opens out onto Grapenhall Heyes, and there's plenty of room for your dog to have a good run.


Second walk.


Again turn right just before the bridge alongside the off side of the canal and carry on walking towards the residential caravan site. Turn right up the track at the end of the caravans. This walk takes you over the fields, again plenty of space for the dog to be off lead with no livestock about. This is the better of the two walks as it is more natural I.M.O.

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