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Farewell to Richard Todd


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I was surprised to read his obit in the Sunday Times. He died so convincingly in THE HASTY HEART and A MAN CALLED PETER that I just assumed he was no longer with us. I believe he played himself in THE LONGEST DAY and for me he'll always be the TV Robin Hood that stands above all the other pretenders to that bow and quiver.


Exit and farewell to this fine brave and talented man.

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just had a quick look on imdb and his list of credits in various roles is impressive.

according to the credits for longest day he played Maj. John Howard who todd made contact with at the bridge they had to defend.


i was surprised to see that he was in a film called the battle for the villa fiorita. for some reason this title has stuck in my head. i remember going to see it when i was a lot younger. i do not know why maybe i thought it was a war film but remember that i had to tell a little fib about my age to get in at the time due to the censorship rating. i vaguely remember the plot and it being very interesting at the time.

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The obit here said he had to study the Scottish accent for Hasty Heart -- which was a surprise to me -- and that the woman who wrote about A MAN CALLED PETER approved of his accent as sounding like her husband. If you didn't see it, he was the Presbyterian minister who served as Chaplain to the U.S. Congress for awhile. That job gets passed around to all the faiths I think. In the film he preached at the church that Abraham Lincoln attended, when he attended. Presbyterians would like to claim Lincoln but he was evasive.

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