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Bob - I must say it is refreshging to see a city fan banging the drum on here.

You are a lone voice - but a strong one - Houllier would do a good job and he is a really nice bloke.

But remember he still has Liverpool in his heart (literally) just like all those who have tried to manage elsewhere including Dalgleish and Keegan.

Once a Liverpool red always a Liverpool red!

Just ask Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Ian Rush, Phil Thompson e.t.c They just :loveyou: Liverpool!

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Originally posted by Adrian:

Isnt age the factor with Henry. he'll be 30 before the end of next season. ?16m doesnt look bad business in light of that.


Bent is only 23.

also unproven on the international & european stage. So would you pay 17m for Bent or 16m for Henry?
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Wasnt agreeing with the Bent valauation just trying to seek a reason why.


As he is under contract, then you can ask what u want and if people are stupid enought to pay it...


Even though Hnery is hitting 30, ?16m still seems light by about ?9m.

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Yes, I do see what you are saying.


I just notice other proven strikers are available for less, most notably Owen & Anelka.


I still expect Charlton to sell Bent, as they can't start to rebuild without the cash injection. Just at a lower price than they have asked for so far.

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