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So where would you go ?


Who's financial advice would YOU trust  

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  1. 1. Who's financial advice would YOU trust

    • My current Bank/Building Society
    • Another Bank/Building Society
    • I would compare my current Bank/BS with another Bank/BS
    • A 'FREE' Independent Financial Advisor
    • A 'PAID FOR' Independent Financial Advisor
    • I would search the Internet and Advise myself
    • I would contact a debt management solution company
    • Other (please say what and why)

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So where would you go these days... for financial advice ??


Would you trust the advice of your bank/building society if you had money to invest or if you needed to take out a loan or in worst case scenario found yourself in debts that you simply could not cope with. After all banks and building societies are businesses and their prime aim is to make money and boost profits for THEMSELVES rather than for YOU.


So who can you trust?


Are independent financial advisers better or are they merely on commission from the other lenders such as banks and building societies thus making them not really independent at all.


Would you trust them ?


There is a wealth (for want of a better word) on the internet but is it correct.


Do you trust it ?


I could go on and on but as savers, borrowers, people in debt or simply people who are managing to survive on what they have WHO'S ADVICE WOULD YOU TRUST and WHY ?


I wont mention credit cards their suppliers yet :shock:8) Now they certainly shouldn't be trusted :lol:

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I would trust my current bank without hesitation. They have been my business bank for 12 years and I have never ever had any wish to change. I pay for the banking service and it is in my opinion, good value.


I also have my mortgage with the same bank and my personal bank accounts. I have in the past had a loan too and that was at a great rate of interest.


No complaints from me!

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Normally I would trust my bank which my family has been with for at least three generations.

That was until they closed one of my accounts without telling me, gave the account number to another new customer who then promptly received my salary!

Can you believe that one of the biggest banks on the high street re-uses account numbers because they can't afford to increase their account numbers from eight to nine digits because of the cost implications!

That was their excuse foir their cock up.

Fortunately for me the person who received my salary didn't notice (I obviously don't get paid enough) and the bank was able to transfer the money back into my account.

1. How dare they close an account without first informing me!

2. Pay my salary to someonme else with a different name! :x

3. Come up with a pathetic excuse!

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:shock::shock::shock: That's awful. Surely if your account was active ie your salary was going into it they shouldn't have closed it anyway. Rather frigtening and down right stupid eh.


If account numbers are passed on would that mean that the 'new' old account number holder could have access to the previous owners past bank history in some way :? I guess not but you never know :shock:

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