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Where will Gerrard be next season?


Where will Gerrard be next season?  

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  1. 1. Where will Gerrard be next season?

    • Chelsea
    • Man City
    • Barcelona
    • Real Madrid
    • Inter Milan

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That is not an option, he wants to win things.


...with his home city club!!!

Got another three years left on his contract and doubt anyone can afford his transfer fee and wage bill.

His dream is to win the League with Liverpool to complete his collection of winners medals.

He has seen what happened to his best mate Owen when he went abroad and there is no way him and Lampard would gell at Chelsea.

He ain't going nowhere!

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Not all that long ago a bleacher report's senior writer M Alves wrote the following critique about Steve's future


Steven Gerrard: Liverpool's Future Manager?


Soon celebrating 10 years at Liverpool, Steven Gerrard admits he wants to end his career at Anfield. A brilliant 10 years, of which five have been as captain of the team, Gerrard says he wants to sign a contract at Liverpool for life.


He also says, "If someone had said ten years ago that I would go on to be captain and lift the European Cup then I wouldn't have believed them.?


Rafa Benitez speaks of Stevie?s commitment to the club and backs him to take over as the next manager of the club by saying, ?Maybe he will one day be the manager to replace me. He has great passion for the club; he loves the club and the city."


When asked about management, Stevie says, "We will have to wait and see about management but I certainly want to get my qualifications to enable me to coach and manage. Then I will have to decide what I want to do. "


"Whether I will be interested in the Gary Ablett (reserve coach) type role, the Sammy Lee (assistant manager) role or the Rafa Benitez role, I do not know."


"I just want to get all my badges and then we will see?


This means he is definitely not ruling out taking over Rafa?s position in time.


Rafa seems sure that Gerrard will continue to play for Liverpool for another five to six years and Gerrard confirms saying, "I do not know what is going to happen over the next 10 years but certainly for the next five or six I hope I am playing in Liverpool's first team."


In my opinion, Jamie Carragher might make a good assistant manager, if at times Gerrard doesn?t feel too vocal, Carra could lend a voice, a shout anything needed, as we?ve seen him do a number of times!


Would it be too far-fetched to hope that someday Stevie manages our team? He has been an inspirational captain, one that people supporting all teams admire and respect and maybe one day he will lead Liverpool to many more trophies, not as a captain, but as a manager

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Mind you Phil is having a tough time and has had to accept a cut-price offer for his plush pad at the bargain price of ?2.6m (cash), down from the original asking price of ?4m which was set when it first went on the market in January 2008.


The highly personal nature of the property ? monogrammed gates at the entrance make it particularly suitable for people with the initials P and J ? took a while to shift. The buyer, local businessman Matthew Greensmith, may feel the need to make a few alterations to the interior design. Unless, as is perfectly possible, he is a fan of gold stucco ceilings, exceedingly deep decorative carpets, Versace-themed bedrooms and an unprecedented amount of leather in the living room, plus a cinema.


Just look at his old dining room.




Isn?t it a hard life being a premiership footballer?

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Another problem with that sponsorship money being turned into Premiership wages is the impact it has on the lads at school who have signed up with clubs.


They often think that they have made it and perhaps don't need an education anymore.


I was delivering a programme about money, jobs, education etc at a school in Manchester when one young man asked me 'What is ?30,000 a week over a year?'


He wanted to know because he was about to sign for Burnley and they were about to go into the prem.


How motivated do you think he was?


He was actually quite bright but it was clear to see that the thought of all that money had gone to his head.

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Is your inference that Sky viewers who pay for this priviledge are directly responsible for the many and varied outcomes?


If another organisiation took over from SKY what would change and how would they influence the outcome of their investment?


What control(s) should be placed, if any, on such contractual obligations?

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I don't see why he would be going anywhere, so for me it's a non-question.


He is a born passionate leader with a tremendous amount of experience, skill and determination.


Once he has got his coaching badges it would be good to see him remain at his home club. There is a great and very talented number of backroom staff that would support and nurture him.


The only reason in my opinion to move would be to get a wider perspective and experience of playing abroad or at another top club, but the experience of staying at Liverpool and getting them through this current unsettled period would stand him and the club in good stead for any future move.


He is key to Liverpool's short-term future and I don't think that he is a quitter.

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