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Queen's Speech?


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With only six months to go before a General Election, the Government are attempting some more social engineering legislation - which the opposition are already saying they will vote down - SO, would it not be more constructive in the new age of austerity and the recent scandals of a corrupt political system, to endevour to reach a concensus in principle as to the way forward: EG: Constitutional reform to reduce the cost and numbers of our political class, democratise and reduce numbers in the House of Lords. Establish some broad principles for the application of the inevitable tax increases and spending reductions - or is that tooo naive?! :?

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I watched the proceedings and the queens speech for the first time ever today and all I can say is that the conduct of the 'House of Commons' rabble was a pathetic.


And why does the queen have to read a speech that is written by the government anyway.. why can't she write her own. I bet she would have had something rather different to say about what 'her' government should really be doing :wink:


Anyway the lead upto it all with the various rituals, regalia and uniformed personnel was rather impressive and serious until of course the coverage skipped to the 'commons' room where there were the usual mumbes, groans, giggles and playground silliness from the crew.


The 'black rod' chap did his bit and some dim wit was heard saying 'Royal Expenses are on the way'. :roll: Very grown up NOT and I found it rather pathetic to say the least. Prat :roll:


And ... WHY on earth was Gordon Brown chatting away and laughing with himself as he entered and exited the main chamber....Weird bloke :?:roll: . David Cameron was trying his best to look serious despite having a hypo monkey next to him :lol:


Anyway sorry Obs.... in answer to your question... I don't know.. what did you want to know ? :oops::lol:

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The question wasn't about an anachronistic ceremonial, or perhaps it was - as constitutional reform could have involved scrapping the ceremomial aspects of Parliament and bringing it into the 21st century; but it was a lost opportunity to adopt into legislation parts of the Kelly Report on MPs conditions; democratise the House of Lords, and thin out the Commons - bringing our per capita representation down to the levels of most other Countries and being seen to set an example of austerity by saving money. :roll:

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It has been suggested that she might have wanted to say the following, had it have been left to her husband, it might have been somewhat more terse:


"My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, I know this speech is a complete waste of my time ? and yours. I will have to return in 26 weeks' time (although I know many of you in the Commons will not) when my new government will at least have a mandate to introduce a programme for a full Parliament ? backed by the authority of my people. Nevertheless, this fag-end Government has made me read out what the Leader of my loyal Opposition has already described as a 'Labour press release written on palace parchment'. While my present Government's top priority is to try to win the next general election, I suspect that with less than 70 sitting days available to you, few of these measures will actually receive my Royal Assent."

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Gosh a PRAT and an innefective one too :D Sounds familiar eh :lol:


Paul.... I like the speech and if only the queen wasn't forced to be so 'proper' in her ways eh? :?


Personally I think she should have resorted to the old ways and simply said 'Off with all their heads' :D


Job done :lol:

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