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Somerset Maugham's films


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I suspect he authored more films than any other writer. Last week we had a Maugham festival on cable TV -- I enjoyed seeing Bette Davis in THE LETTER for the first time. Followed by QUARTET - filmed short stories.


I'm posting this because I just looked up his bio and it says his first published novel was Liza of Lambeth. Isn't Lambeth in your neck of the woods? Anyone read it?


Two of my favorite films are RAIN and the Alec Guiness story about a man who is diagnosed as terminal, spends his life savings on a luxury vacation resort, and then learns the diagnosis was an error. Ive seen at least 3 film versions, but Guiness was the first and best.


I doubt that Maugham wrote the words to the ditty in the RAIN film: ...and inside her shack, Sadie would entertain, played her victrola, sipped Coca-Cola, while she enjoyed...the RAIN!

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At Calif.State University at Los Angeles in the 60s I took a class in Communication of Ideas (English Dept). The prof. was a North African arab, Edward Aboud and he changed the syllabus to suit his Jean Paul Sartre, Andre Gide, and Albert Camus EXISTENTIALISM agenda. I was stuck listening to French philosphers. I've seen a couple hundred french films and they are all the same -- bleak.

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