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Whose in charge?


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According to Dianne Abbot MP, large parts of Gov Depts are now a law unto themselves - with Ministers failing totally to "manage" them - saying it's not their job. The result for example, is that increases in data collection and surveillance have occured WITHOUT specific Parliamentary approval or scrutiny - thus we now have a growing DNA data base, a data base of pictures of individuals who attend protest rallies etc; extensions of powers to enter properties to local authorities and utilities etc. We are now coming up to the National Census where one of the questions is about the number of bedrooms in one's house - now what's that all about? SO, if National Gov is being run by the civil service and local Gov by Council Officers - what's the point in retaining politicians?! :?:wink:

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Was thinking of starting a new topic, but this one will do for the following in today's Mail:


In Somerton, Somerset it would appear a Mr Connolly:


"A town council has disbanded after members staged a mass walkout in protest at being constantly criticised by a lone internet blogger.


Eleven of the 15 members on Somerton Town Council, in Somerset, resigned after being subjected to three years of online abuse.

The blog was started by resident Niall Connolly, 58, who first attacked the council after plans for a community hall were scrapped."



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1224013/Council-collapses-lone-bloggers-sniping-forces-mass-walkout.html#ixzz0VQz6f1VM



Mr Connolly did blog in his own name I would hasten to add. :wink::)

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Indeed they are Obs and something like that would never happen around here :wink::lol:


As for Mr Connolly I guess he can't be done for libel for anything he has said then :wink: (or is it slander I can never remember these days) :lol::wink:


Bit that made me laugh is that his wife did not want to be named??? Wont she be called MRS Connolly :lol:

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Just watched a snippet on the News: Small village, small minds and over-sensitive Councillors methinks - be interesting to see who takes their place? Had to laugh at the Woman who complained of being refered to as the ugly sisters - guess they won't take a vote on that one! :wink:

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