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WWW Response times

Geoffrey Settle

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had one or two slow connections but it all depends for me on what is running in the background. sometimes my anti virus is updating and slows it down and other times it can be me having a few things running in the background.


did have a couple of adaware things downloaded that were slowing things down as well that my anti virus eventually picked up on. since they have gone it seems a bit faster, so it might be worth running a check to see if anything lie that has crept onto your pc.

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Maybe it's just me but I'm finding that access times to WWW forum and news items on the front page are taking longer and longer to display. :cry:


This has been going on now for a couple of weeks but it does not happen when I use other sites. :roll:


All seems fine at this end - the only time it goes slow is after 4pm when America comes on line!

I will ask our tech guys to have a look?


Can Bill Green throw an independent light on this as he seems to know if a site is running as it should do.


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