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Liverpool score twice against Man U

Geoffrey Settle

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I've said all season that United are in a false position.

They were lucky against Stoke, Sunderland and City. Today they should have no complaints the best team won.


On the bright side it keeps Benitez in a job. :wink:


So the conspiracy theory now has to be that Benitez phoned Sir Alex last night and begged him to let Liverpool win so that he keeps his job as waiting on jobs are a bit scarce in Barcelona at the moment.


Exactly right, that's what I thought!! :lol:

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Don't think Scousers or Mancs are going to have much to shout about this season (other than bragging rights in the games against each other) - as I fancy Arsenal and Chelsea to be sharing most of the silverware.

Going back to bragging rights - how long is it since Liverpool have won three consecutive Premier League games against Man Utd?


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The answer you were probably looking for was 22nd January 2002 when Liverpool won their fourth game in a row against United. This latest trio of wins is the only other sequence of more one win in succession.


Lets hope Liverpool can make it four in a row again when they visit Old Trafford!


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The best Liverpool can hope for this season is the Europa League and scraping into the top four by the skin of their teeth.

The squad is simply not good enough to compete with Chelsea and Arsenal who have 22 quality players.

Liverpool on the other hand have six or seven quality players and when they are injured or not fit the team is clueless.

The buck stops with Rafa who probably knew the writing was on the wall so managed to get rid of the Chief Executive and land himself a five year ?20m contract (at a time when Liverpool were challenging for the title last season) which now makes it almost impossible to get rid of him and his Spanish Armada.

He may be clueless about running a team in the Premier League but he is obviously very clever at negotiating new contracts for himself! :roll:

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