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Where are the resident scousers?


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After resigning myself to the travesty of the result earlier today (that is not a dig at City more a dig at United's inability to turn possession into goals)I sat back and watched the other game. It was a good game to watch including an abysmal game by the referee. He set his stall out too early by booking Essien and from therein his game went ape , a proliferation of cards yet a couple of Chelsea players should have seen red for referee abuse. All culminating in an shocking penalty award, much like the decision that enabled Gerrard to score last week. :D


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Morning Eagle


I cannot argue with any of what you said , the referee was a disgrace he lost the game very early on and never got control back. It was never a penalty if anything Liverpool should have had a free kick due to Malouda jumping in to Finnan but thats football and it will level itself out over the season.


With regards to the City , Man U game , you missed Rooney and Ronaldo their replacements on the day where not up to the job Tevis did'nt look match fit but he will be a star in a few weeks once hes found his fitness again.



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As someone who follows rugby league I found it embarrassing the way Chelsea players surrounded the referee. Later on in the rugby game Lee Briers was sin binned for shouting at the ref and touch judge. Maybe these millionaire primadonnas need to have a lesson in respect. The refs need to bring in zero tolerance and hit them hard. If this season's favourite is spending more time warming the bench on a suspension for ref abuse the club's would soon do something about it. They need to remember that these players are role models to young players and we need a few lessons in respect at the moment.

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Could be a very interesting season - and I hope it is. One swallow does not a summer make, so I'm not counting my chickens just yet re Liverpool........or the other northern reds. I'm sure MU will bounce back, but like I said, it could be a very interesting season.


PS I see Styles has apologised for his gaffe: "Yesterday, in mistakenly awarding a penalty, I accept that I may have affected the result of the match and for that I apologise."


(although the words 'may have' should have been deleted from the above statement)

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