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Older folk advised to keep warm


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the laugh is that the government is on about scrapping winter fuel payments because they are getting too expensive. this comes at a time when the MP's are complaining that they need a bigger pay rise because of the expenses being cut.


then they come with schemes to inform the older people how to keep warm. :roll:


the mind is beyond boggling at this point and has given up and gone for a stroll round :lol::shock::?

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I must remember to phone my OAP dad to make sure he's not still wearing his summer short sleeved shirt too and sunblock :lol: Must also check that he is not sleeping under a thin cotton sheet thinking we are now in the promissed summer heatwave :lol::roll:


You are right Asp... it is rather patronising :evil::wink:

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Chair Tap Dancing :lol:


I've been doing a similar activity for years thanks to over 25 years spend working on PC's, I never knew there was a name for it :lol:


However my other half has a habbit of 'finger tapping' and that WILL NOT be good for his health in the long run :evil::? It's blummin annoying :shock::lol:

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