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Postal strike


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Just because it is a private company, it doesn't mean they do the job any less efficiently, it just means they don't have stacks of bolshi workers run by even bolshier unions


At the end of the day, a person is hiring out his services for a price. If that income is jeopardised or the employer is trying to abuse the agreement without meaningful dialogue, the person should do everything possible to ensure that his living standards for himself and his family are not lessened. A stance that the Private Sector would surely take.


Meaningful dialogue AND compromise by both sides is essential to progress and success, NOT dictatorship.

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Similarly, if an employer choses to no longer pay the price demanded for the services of an employee or group of employees - and complies with all of the relevent legislation in buying themselves out of the agreement - then I don't see that there's a problem.


It's the employers job to run the business and make the decisions about what direction to take, how to perform the tasks they need performed, and how many people are needed to perform them - not the unions.

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Thus ensuring that employees can be exploited ad infinitum - they have to live too. The easy way, now being adopted even by local Government, is to outsource to contractors, agency work or consultants - or outsource to India. The problem of course at the end of the day is, that this ultimately creates tax-consumers rather than tax-payers. :roll:

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