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Enfield Pk Burnt -Kawasaki, Blue Bin and bed (duck's house?)

Geoffrey Settle

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Motorcycle thieves arent prosecuted even when caught. The gang that stole mine where caught on cctv, and left prints all over the bike and witnesses offered to do ID parades, And the police still couldnt get them !!


We have even told them where they live !! And nothing.... They even had the cheek to stand outside my house to discuss how to nick the flaming thing again at 2am in the morning :evil:

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Sorry to hear about that Tina, did this take place in Warrington?


Better news at Enfield Park streetscene have been and removed the final bits and pieces.




Our pup has rounded up some of her friends to help out




so they have the pond covered whilst in the trees she's got a look out posted. :D



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Another day another peice of litter this time a mattress in the duck pond!! - not the sort of thing that simply blows in even if the winds are strong and it must have been dragged a fair distance. :twisted:




Still Hazel at the contact centre has made arrangements to pick it up along with the remains of the burnt out blue wheelie bin.



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Probably kids with nothing better to do :evil:


Don't know what it's like round there but round here people sometimes leave things out in the backs for various reasons which are beyond me.


Sometimes the item are left out awaiting council collection , but more often than not items seem to be left out in the hope that the gypo's (or others) will take it no matter what it is when they pass by regularly thus relieving the owner of the inconvenience of having to take it to the tip :roll::evil:


Metal goes straight away (for anyone who is reading) but nothing else is removed so TAKE IT TO THE TIP YOURSELF :roll::wink:

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