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Warrington Town v Skelmersdale Tonight kick off 7.45pm


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Forget the Champions league - get down to the field of dreams tonight and watch some real football!

See all the action close up!

Big local derby and a vital game for Town to get their league campaign back on track!

Even more important than Rafa's European antics at Anfield!

:oops: I can't believe I've said that!

Mind you five European cups make it a bit boring! :lol:

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3 at the back didn't work, midfield didn't seem to have any idea of what was going on and the strikers couldn't hit a barn door at 10 paces. Very poor.


As paying fans we all want the team to do well ( the same as our hard working directors do) but tonight was a long way from good.


I can't argue with any of that!

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I don't think anybody can Gary.


The simple fact is we must improve, and in all areas on the park. Skelmersdales first half performance last night is the level to which we must aspire to reach. It seems we have quite some way to go.


The challnege must now be set to make amends for this result, starting on Saturday.


Over to the players and management. Do your best guys.

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Probably the worst performance since I started watching Town in January. Out classed in all areas of the pitch. We very rarely looked like scoring (when was the last time we scored more than one from open play) , 4 goals conceded explains the defensive performance and the midfield were overrun for large parts of the game. 3 defenders is obviously not working. One of the biggest problems last night was our inability to control the ball, Skem had so much time and space because they could control the ball.


Some serious though is needed by the manager and player before Saturday.

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one of the most gutless performances of 2009!


the players didnt seem at all intrested during the game, they have also lost the ability to control, pass, shoot.


the tactics seem to have changed aswell. at the start of the season the team played nice passing football building from the back and stretching teams and causing problems to the opposition.

now it has turned back to the bad days of just kick and chase a tactic which hasnt and does not work in this division and we have seen that for the past five seasons! :(


however i thought skem were equally as good as town were bad and that is the level we should aspire to reach!


anyway hoping for a better performance at the weekend. :D

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