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Flooding protection and Water Vole preservation work

Geoffrey Settle

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Just for you Baz, walking along another part of the brook we spotted our friend basking in the sun :D




But as soon as we got too close she was off for another place along the brook...




AS soon as she sensed our dog getting close even though we where on the other side she got ready for take-off




and then she was up up and away.....




Now if only I could get a good snap of the Kingfisher that would be great but he's too fast just a blurr of flourescent blue, but I'm sure that I caught a brief glimpse of a watervole along side the golf course higher up the brook.

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Not sure Vic, but I imagine that they wer'ent too impressed by the diggers and took a short vacation. I haven't read all of DS's book yet but he may have touched on the subect of wild animals and development. :wink:

If that's all that happened, someone's broken the law - you can't just start "improving" their habitat without mitigation measures (which might include translocation)

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