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Bonfire Night?


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I know I will be out-voted but I love fireworks; Guido Fawkes; the noise; smell; the food.

I recall the fun and devilment we had with rip-raps; shooters; and the like; and hope we don,t legislate too harshly on yet another pleasure for the young. There are not that many left.

Yes, people set them off early - a minor annoyance in my opinion.


Have fun. Happy days

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Nothing wrong with organised Public displays, they start at a reasonable time and more importantly finish at a reasonable time. The general sale of fireworks should be banned if only to prevent the richard heads (who seem to think it's funny letting them off at 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning) from getting hold of them.


Fireworks are a pleasure seen in most countries all over the world, but it only seems to be this country that they are used in an anti social way. :evil:

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I love fireworks... but my dog didn't last week when she went out for a pee pee and all of a sudden all hell let loose :evil:


Would be much easier if it was restricted to certain weekends in the year so 'we' are all expecting the explosions :shock:

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