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Wondering why pubs are closing?


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Apparantly in those areas where pubs have closed the crime rate has gone down significantly.


Now considering that the pubs are closing down because smokers have stopped going to them, one can only assume that most criminals are smokers. :?:?:lol:

or is it most smokers are criminals :?

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It doesn't alter the fact that the smoking ban has directly led to the closure of thousands of pubs and clubs and the consequent unemployment of thousands of staff. Nobody was forcing anyone to visit or even work in a pub or club where smoking was allowed. It was an unneccessary and spiteful measure. :roll::roll::roll:


From the drugs thead...

I would like to see a zero limit for alcohol when driving,


Seems that Apserity's compassion for pub staff, only extends to his own wish to smoke in their face. Anything else that would damage the pub trade is fair game as long as he gets to smoke.

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I haven't smoked for nearly 24 years. Are you saying you're in favour of driving under the influence of alcohol? :shock::shock::shock:

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Whilst browsing the web for some jokes, I came across this one liner which just about sums up the smoking in pubs and restaraunts argument and felt it was worthy of mention on here........ I quote!!


".......making a smoking section in a pub or restaurant is like making a peeing section in a swimming pool"


says it all really but would you stand on the side and do it or jump in first!!?

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