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Olympic Golf?


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If they introduce dominos for the paralympics (visually impaired) then there are some great players in Warrington. The town have a good track record against Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool etc they came out winners in the North West this year. Give them the chance to play on the world stage and I just wonder how well they will do? Just imagine had inspiring for that group of people such an inclusive decision would be.


In a simialr way this is already the effect that Golf is going to have on both the abled and disabled competitors. Personally I've always described Golf as the runination of a good cross country run but I'm biased to running. Here's what the Kiwis think about the decision

Golf's inclusion in the Olympics from 2016 will offer significant benefits for the sport in this country, New Zealand Golf acting chief executive Dean Murphy said today.


The sport was today ratified for addition to the Olympic programme in Rio de Janeiro and beyond by the IOC general membership.


Under the format for the Olympics, New Zealand would field two men and two women if it was based on world rankings today, providing an outstanding opportunity for golfers in this country.


Young amateurs like the brilliant prospect Cecilia Cho could be in the running for a spot in the 2016 Olympics team.


Cho has won 15 individual titles this year, including the New Zealand Amateur championship, with her amateur career

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