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Automated Calls?


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To block 'Sales and Marketing Calls' phone the TPS on : 0800 398 8933


To block 'Pre Recorded Calls' phone the Info Commissioners Office

on 01625 545745


To block 'Silent Calls' )often generated by automated call centres call 0844 3722325


I was given the last two numbers today by TPS after receiving yet another blummin call from a company called Space Design offering me a FREE NEW kitchen. Yeah right like I'm that stupid.


The minute I told their call representative that his company had already rung me no less than 20 times with their wonderful offer (which each time I had refused) however just out of interest I had questioned them fully the last time the rang and 'did he know that he was actually WRONG with what he was saying and also was misleading me as his company had not actually selected me to be the proud owner of one of their FREE NO COST TO MYSELF KITCHENS at all... but were merely going to give me a free design plan (which I could get from anywhere).


At which point he appologised profusely (if thats how to spell it)and gave me a phone number to ring to delete my number from their listing and wished me a very good day. :lol:


It was the TPS number... :D


Strange thing is I registered with them over a year ago which stopped all annoyances for a while but having checked with them today I was no longer registered..... which could explain why all the numpties are ringing me again :roll:8)

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