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Dentist taking on NHS patients on Padgate Lane

Geoffrey Settle

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Geoffrey.... I'm shocked :shock:


Are you trying to somehow divulge someone's identity to all other posters and readers with your various clues ...... even though the person concerned has chosen to post anonymously by way of a pseudonym for whatever their reasons :?


Surely that is not fair.. even within the world of politics and general tittle tattle :lol::P


Ooooh I was forgetting... that is how some online people apparently seem to know who I am now too without me actually telling them :? Like I really care though ... :D:lol:

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That's exactly the problem. Virtually all of the dentists in Lymm went private patients only about 10 years ago. Left anyone who can't afford private with virtually no service.


There is now an NHS dentist down in Oughtrington who, I believe, has just had a planning application granted to allow a second dentist to practice from their surgery. So things are hopefully getting a bit better, but I'd still rather just be able to pop into somewhere big whenever I'm passing and have the time.

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might even be some from Lymm where I understand that there is particular difficulty in registering for an NHS dentist.


How rude of Lymmites to even think of using an NHS dentist - surely they can afford to go private?


I had my teeth straightened by a private orthadontist based in Lymm many years ago... and all for FREE :D

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