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Romano-Celtic Treasures Unearthed ...


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Sorry to hear about your dad Indy, I hope he is ok :cry::wink:


A very good video and glad you have lost your split personality :P

Some lovely footage of your artifacts and don't ask me why but I felt really drawn towards the little lead one with the 'sun/moon' face on it. Nice :D

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:) Hi Dismayed, its actually looking not too good for my dad at the moment, a very stressful time and he is in intensive care, i'm back from the hospital and thought i would come on the forum and post the film as a way of taking my mind off things for a short while.


Yes the artefacts look really great don't they !!! the little face is quite intruiging isn't it and very Celtic in nature as is the dragon ornament, so glad iv'e finally got to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the carving - a very exciting and rare find too !!! :lol:

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Sorry :cry: Keep possitive and my thoughts and 'well' wishes are with your dad, you and the rest of your family.


.... Glad to see that you are making progress with the mysterious carving by the way (forgot to mention that in my last post oops) although I do still find it's appearance rather creepy to say the least :shock::?


PS I'll let you off for not turning up today to slap me with a sweaty sock :wink:

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Oooh Indy I am so sorry to hear that :cry::cry:


My heart felt sympathies are with you and your whole family.


I held my mums hand too in her final hours and it was hearbreaking but I was so glad that we were all able to at least be there with her :cry:


Your dad will always be with you, just as my mum is always with me........... maybe not phsically but never the less always there xx

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