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Tile Paint ??


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Would I kid you on Diz? :lol: No, I am being honest for once and I have painted over bright red tiles with white emulsion. I don't know how durable it is, and if you're trying to cover a large area that's liable to be scuffed then go for the tile paint. PS I'm for saving money when I can. 8)8)

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The speciallist tile paint is pretty good, I've used it on a number of occasions in both kitchens and bathrooms and it's always proved to be resilient and durable.


It is important to used the correct primer with it and make sure that the tiles are absolutely clean before painting - otherwise it won't stick properly.


Emulsion might cover OK, but I reckon it'd be very prone to chipping and flaking off given the slightest knock or scrape.

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Thanks both.. and sorry Asp for thinking you were joking :oops:


The tile's I'm thinking of doing are in my kitchen so wouldn't really get bumped as such but would be near my hob and sink so emulsion might not cope too well with everyday splashes and cooking steam etc. Saying that would tile paint be ok so close to a hob :?


Inky.. what did you clean your tiles with to make sure they were absolutely clean ?


What's the coverage like and how many coats does it take ?... questions, questions, questions... sorry.


Worrying that using tile paint on a faily large area might turn out expensive :shock:

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If it's kitchen tiles then grease is going to be your enemy - as opposed to limescale and soap residues in a bathroom.


Prep work is EVERYTHING in this sort of situation, so lots and lots of Jif and elbow grease, and then I'd finish off by washing then down with a solution of Sugar Soap. When you've done, if you run a finger across your tiles and it squeaks then they're clean enough.


This stuff - http://www.dulux.co.uk/products/info/tile_paint.jsp - claims to be self undercoating, but I'd still use a promer anyway, and claims to cover up to 16 sqm per litre. I'd be surprised if you get that much out of it, I'd expect more like 12 or so.


There's great advice on this site - http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/forum1/painting-over-tiles-t108.html - and I'm not just saying that because I give some of it out!


Also, don't be tempted by cheap diy store own brand paints, it's false ecomony because they are utterly useless. Stick to the big manufacturers such as Dulux, Crown, International or Johnstones.

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