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Warrington to Knutsford ?


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Evening all


I recently found this website and wondered if anyone could help me! (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section!)


I have recently started working in Knutsford and if anyone knows what it is like to get there via public transport, its a nightmare.


Sooooo, I was wondering if anyone else worked in Knutsford or the surrounding area and if so, would you mind an extra passenger happy to pay petrol.... :wink:


thank you!

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Hi chezwah, if you don't get any luck on here, have a dander down to Booths Hall on the "other side" of Knutsford as there are a lot of people from Warrington who work there (My wife used to be one of them up until a few years ago!!) I believe they used to do some car sharing scheme as did the Barclays workers at Radbrooke Hall. Might be worth asking if there is any chance of making up the numbers...


Good Luck



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