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MUSE on this - how to fool an Italian

Geoffrey Settle

What do you think?  

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  1. 1. What do you think?

    • Great mime, great group
    • Wish I could speak Italian
    • Better than Britney Spear by a mile
    • You've missed off my choice drat, I'll comment below

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It's there above when I edit but not when I view, what's going on, at least the audience know what's going on in the clip?


ok got the video link now, basically it's Muse miming on Italian TV, where the group change over roles because unlike Britney they didn't want to mime. The Drummer has switched with the lead vocalist and then conducts the interview with an Itlaian version of Fern Cotton.



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Geof - I came to this thread to plug MUSE -- The U.S. of Eurasia. My grandson had me listen to his iPod this afternoon and challenged me to identify the singer/group. After hearing it I said, I've never ever heard that song before but it is obviously Freddy Mercury. He laughed. But then said, how come everyone thinks that? (He's 18) His mother thinks it, and many more think it's Queen.


So I asked him to take a look at this UPRISING in Italy. He was confused by the 'singer' and 'drummer' What's going on?

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