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Will they agree?


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A world climate change Conference in Copenhagen in December, is seen as test of whether the world can agree on a common strategy - but with self interest and economic progress at the top of most folk's agenda, will they get any agreement? The two economic giants (USA and China) are now responsible for 50% of global pollution (USA produce 20 tons per capita, China 5 tons per capita) - the yanks clearly don't want to give up their current life styles, niether do they want to lose blue collar jobs; and the emerging Chinese middle class arn't likely to do without cars, washing machines etc - so I guess it's a non-starter?! :?

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Get your facts right Obs


Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions Per Person for Top Ten Countries and World, 2006


Country Emissions Per Person

Tons of Carbon


Qatar 22.4

United Arab Emirates 13.3

Kuwait 10.4

Singapore 9.2

USA 5.5

Canada 5.4

Norway 5.3

Australia 4.5

Kazakhstan 4.1

Saudi Arabia 3.9


World Average 1.3


Source: G. Marland, T. A. Boden, and R. J. Andres, "Global, Regional, and National CO2 Emissions," Trends: A Compendium of Data on Global Change (Oak Ridge, TN: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, 2007); BP, Statistical Review of World Energy (London: 2007); populations from United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision, electronic database at esa.un.org/unpp, updated 2007.






For more information from Earth Policy Institute, see www.earthpolicy.org.


China isn't even in the top 10


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Don't tell me, tell the BBC. "Frankly my dear, I couldn't give a damn", for two reasons: 1) Enviromental change is a normal planetary cycle and 2) I won't be around to see it anyway! My point was more to do with the ability or otherwise of world nations to actually agree with each other on anything. :roll:

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Rank Country Tonnes of CO2

1. USA 1,650,020,000

2. China 1,366,554,000

3. Russia 415,951,000

4. India 366,301,000

5. Japan 343,117,000

6. Germany 220,596,000

7. Canada 174,401,000

8. UK 160,179,000

9. South Korea 127,007,000

10. Italy 122,726,000


Top 10 Total 4,946,852,000

Global Total 7,497,252,000


If you don't do it per person you get this result, it all depends on how you want to do it


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Oh blimey, I really should NOT have asked you lot. First Asperity implies it's all the heavy breathing from the excessive winking going on, and then Observer wades in with curry farts and effluent. One track minds - and dirt tracks at that..... :twisted:


Did I really imply that? :shock::?:?:?

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