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Wednesday night at the LSV


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Nice to see you plug other fans' forums on there! :D

I wondered how you found us!

Not sure what strength team we will be putting out tomorrow as I know a couple of new signings are being tried out before our BIG FA CUP GAME on Saturday. Chance for you to pull away from us in the league again but we will have TWO games in hand and you still have to visit the field of dreams!

Leigh and Nantwich already as scalps in The FA Cup :D

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We've got Presc*t on Saturday so think our minds might be on the weekend as well!


Always been a tradition when we were higher in the leagues that all the clubs would have links to each others forums and invade accordingly, surprised it doesn't happen more in this league (especially as the Halifax lot don't seem too chuffed to have an outsider on there!)

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It was embarrassing. 1-0 up at half-time and then that.

I felt sorry for Richie in goal. He had NO protection and Leigh seemed to be able to score whenever it took their fancy.


The ONLY plus to the night was going back to the club to have a Guinness or two.

I hope the proper team turns up on Saturday :twisted::twisted:

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Pie sports report above with a little bit extra added by the Chief Exec! :oops::roll:


Personally I was gutted by the second half performance but with the FA Cup and League the main goals at the moment you are limited what you can do at this level on the resources (both financial and squad) on what can be achieved. These guys are playing 2-3 games a week at the moment and with cup runs that could continue throughout the season, with the regular members of the squad clocking up more than 50 games!!!

So while disappointed last night it will soon be forgotten if we progress in the FA Cup and continue to climb the league table.

There is still the FA Cup, FA Trophy, President's Cup, Liverpool Senior Cup and Cheshire Cup to go! :shock:

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Maybe, BUT getting beaten last night would have been acceptable IF they had performed. Some of these guys are trying to get into the first team. :shock:

They need to do better and work out what colour shirts the opposition are wearing and then they might STOP giving the balll away. :roll:

Last nights second half performance was not acceptable and has given the manager a good insight into who is fit to wear the shirt and who is not!

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