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Nearly one in four local children at risk of poverty!!!


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in that case i am at risk of poverty :cry:


please give generously all denominations gratefully accepted :twisted:


please send all donations in a brown paper envelope to


save the poster from poverty

behind the cistern

third toilet stall from the entrance

warrington bus station :lol::lol::lol:


PS i may be 51 but my mum is still alive so technically i am a child :?

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This is a bogus issue, poverty is relative!!! If 99% of the people have a mobile phone, 1% is poor. If 99% can afford 1 meal a day 1% is poverty stricken. Trust you, Obs, to bring some supposed Tory idea into the equation to muddy the waters. I will reiterate that I am not a supporter of ANY political party, but I dislike the way that people on here, and in the media, try to pigeonhole everybody. There are people of every political persuasion who wish nothing but good for the population of the country and, indeed the world. At the same time there are a lot of them who are only looking out for number one - human nature at its worst. :roll::roll:

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I think I?m with Asperity on this one.

The report suggests developing an overarching child poverty strategy, carrying out a local needs assessment on children living in poverty in the borough, considering how integrated working might be expanded and exploring improvements and integrated working with adult services.

Such words are completely meaningless and convey nothing to the average person.

The only facts these so-called experts managed to come up with is the revelation that places like Lymm have less poverty than Bewsey.


I?d love to know what criteria they use to determine poverty because from where I sit, I just don?t see it. For sure some kids are less privileged than others are but surly that doesn?t qualify them to be classed as living in poverty.


I think this sort of report has more to do with politics than reality and just serves to feed the political animals with a meatless bone to fight over.


Bill :)

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