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LibDem Conference.


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I think the policy idea is starting to unravel already Observer, from reports that I read in today's newspapers. I suppose that he could have said that they would introduce extra high rate council tax bands, would have been simpler....albeit that I disagree with such a policy. Worth noting that not all people living in valuable homes are cash rich and able to pay extra property taxes. On the subject of tax, maybe best to levy it on income and remove anomolies and loopholes. There was an interview with a chap on the news, and I found it amusing that he was very specific with the valuation of his home, ?1.65 million as I recall.

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The only problem is when house prices are fluctuating as they are at the moment, a house worth ?1 million last year is now worth a fair bit less so the owner would rightly demand a revaluation.... when the house prices start to rise, the council could demand a revaluation.... who pays? how long would a valuation be valid for? could you demand one every week?


Yet another example to Liberal nonsense!


Beats me why anyone even listens to them..... :lol:

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Methinks one of the great scandals is that a person can be better off on the dole than working (some exceptions I know).


Let's be honest and increase income tax fairly sharply but also raise the amount you can earn before tax to a greater extent.

QED, in my opinion. ( interpreted as quite easily done.)


Happy days

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HH agreed!! Gorgon Brown has distorted the tax system so much over the last 12 years that the poorest paid people now pay the highest tax. Raise the tax threshold to a more realistic level (?10,000+) taking the poorest out of tax altogether, and scrap the costly, and very demeaning, tax credit system giving people an incentive to earn money rather than relying on the state (tax payers!). OOPs! sorry that won't work, Gorgon wouldn't have anyone to vote for him :oops::oops::lol::lol:

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Lib Dems were in open revolt last night, accusing their leaders of creating tax-and-spend policies on the hoof.

Senior figures and grassroots supporters branded several headline-grabbing initiatives unveiled at their conference 'codswallop'.

Main target was Treasury spokesman Vince Cable's new 'mansion tax' policy, which was dubbed 'suicidal' at an angry meeting of the Parliamentary party.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1215340/Lib-Dem-frontbenchers-turn-Clegg-brand-mansion-tax-policy-codswallop.html#ixzz0RuYYgGSa


and some more:


The cult of Vince Cable continues to elude me. How on earth did this mediocre, middlebrow MP come to be Britain's most trusted politician?

His speech to the Lib Dem conference in Bournemouth was a platitude-packed dirge and his plan to save the nation by soaking the so-called rich is just plain stupid.

Cable's reputation seems to be founded upon the 'Mr Bean' quip he stole from journalist Leo McKinstry and a talent for stating the bleedin' obvious.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1215157/LITTLEJOHN-Saint-Vinny-simply-bob-politician-make.html#ixzz0Ruaf0oNl



Says it all I guess. :wink:

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Errm, what's wrong with "soaking the rich"


But for what purpose. Personally I don't have a problem with people becoming rich through honest entreprenurial endevour. With regards to soaking them, why not just remove tax anomolies and loopholes, so that as far as tax is concerned there is an even playing field for all. At the same time the tax and benefits system should be simplified.....but maybe that's for another post.

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