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Energy price hikes -


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Well clearly, as we're now learning on a daily basis; "privatised" companies can't be described as "efficient" (the Railways and Northern Rock springs to mind). :roll: We can also note: that these "privatised" resource industries arn't even British owned; in fact the Russian are trying to buy them up, giving them total control over OUR power sources. :roll:

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This isnt just a brit problem we have had over the last two years four price hikes the last one being 22% on Electric and Gas is to go up as well.

To try and cut my bills i have changed to a different provider which saves me 1 Cent on each KW i use(electric) and 2 Cents on Gas..


So dont think you in the UK are the only ones being hard done by...


What do you pay per KW for Electric??

i pay 22.5 cts which is about 17p



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I thought the EU were insisting that energy suppliers and other public utilities were deregulated...guess it got lost in the translation to French.....mind you doesn't seem to have stopped them from buying some UK utility businesses.


Vive la difference....as they say in....Westy. :D


PS Big on nuclear in France. :wink:


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Originally posted by wolfie:

Tend to charge in stages in the UK.

An example would be approx 16p/kWh for the first 1000kW, Then 10p/kWh for the next 6000kW.

Some providers/schemes have a standing charge others don't.

That means my fuel bill for Electric would be around 650 pounds,over here i pay 755 pounds for the same amount..


Whats the price of Gas per KW??



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