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Competative Tendering?


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if there is only one competitor it is still "competitive" by definition. a competitor competes. if he is the only one to enter then that is his good luck.

if something is put out to tender and only one quote is received then it is still competitive as the firm supplying the quote does not know that it is the only one doing so and may never know unless somebody has tipped them the wink.

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I agree with Evil Sids view.


Guess it depends on the type of tender though. There are different types for example a formal tender can either be 'open' or 'select' etc.


As far as I understand it hopefull candidates who apply have to go through certain processes of ellimination including questionaires etc before they are 'invited' to formally tender and submit their finer details and costs. The elimiation process continues as they are again evaluated against pre determined criteria and the work is eventually awarded to the supplier who has convincingly offered the best value in terms of cost and of course quality of job and expertise.


Or maybe not :wink:

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With Cartel operations, "tipping the wink" is all part of the scam; resulting in deliberatly inflated prices, thus the lowest bid, isn't actually cheap. :shock: Coincidentally, it appears that Mrs Vobe (our MP) has launched a campaign to force the Council to employ "local" firms and workers on contracts. :? Errm, good idea in theory; but wouldn't that contravene the rules imposed on Local Councils by her Government, forcing them to subject contracts to open competition and to favour the cheapest - so much for that spurious campaign then?! :roll: PS. As for the case of a single tender, that's fine, providing the process invited tenders and didn't knowingly only allow one - hence the queery over the GGH sale. :?

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