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Golden Gates Housing??

Geoffrey Settle

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Hi Pete that could be useful if you could find out who the tennant liasion person is for Padgate. The four local centres are no where near but I'm sure that I read something about a service at the Hawthorne Centre.


You could also enquire about the pilot dog fouling exercise they did in Bewsey - was it successful? I saw it on their web site - which is extremely slow in places but looks good in others.


GGH launches dog fouling initiative...


We are launching a new ?dog fouling initiative?. Bewsey has been identified as the area to pilot the initiative due to its strong resident involvement and commitment to improve the environment.


GGH is working in partnership with the Council and the residents of Bewsey to promote responsible dog ownership through education and support. Volunteers will be given a ?doggy bag? including a dog water bowl, hand sanitizer and ?poop? bags and a report card. The aim is that the volunteers report dog fouling on the estate, which could lead to fixed penalties. It is anticipated that the outcome will be a reduction in dog fouling in the area. The initiative will be promoted at a GGH Celebration Day to be held on the 5 August, 11am-2pm at Bewsey Community Park Centre on Troutbeck Avenue and will be officially launched on 11 August. A member of the local residents association said, ?It is a great way to reduce dog fouling and promote responsible dog ownership. The tenants and residents in Bewsey deserve to live in a clean and safe environment?. If you live in the Bewsey area and would like to volunteer contact Kelly Abbott on 0800 25 26 27

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I love the bit "It is anticipated that the outcome will be a reduction in dog fouling in the area".... more like: It is anticipated that the outcome will be an increase in assaults on people carrying pooper scoopers; with some having to be surgically removed!!

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Any staff member can be emailed directly with the formula firstname.lastname@goldengateshousing.org.uk The only twiddle is that some staff members use capital letters to start their names and some use lower case and the system is case sensitive. However, if you ring them on freefone 0800 25 26 27, take option 3 and then just ask them to check for caps in an address, they will.


I found four directors:

Peter Mercer, Chief Executive

Angela Perry, Director of Property Services

Peter Fitzhenry, Director of Housing Management

Allen Barber, Director of Business Services.


Depending on what you want, they'd be the main bods. Everyone else seems to be a hired gun, most on subcontracts.


All of this is on their website, public domain, I just Googled it up, then gave them a ring. I am sure that if you are persistent, polite and prolific in contacting all of them, someone will respond! :twisted:


Best of luck!


(Why? I used to have a friend who went through hell with a housing association. They need rather firm handling in my opinion!)

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Errm, did he say he'd "been at it for three years"? :? He's having a laugh! :roll:


Three years to aknowledge a problem is not unusual for Golden Gates, think they operate an 'ignore it 'till the tenant gets fed up and forgets it' system. Only a few tenants would be persistent enough to get outside help.

I doubt that after three years this man will be laughing,and as some of the work is not scheduled 'till winter, I'd suggest keeping your fingers very tightly crossed!!! :wink:

I once helped a lady with a very serious problem re her housing situation, a problem so serious one would have expected an immediate resolution. Did eventually get it sorted but with very much difficulty!!!!! :roll::roll::roll::evil:

So I too wish you Good Luck!!

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Not just GGH, it seems: the GGH advertise gardening provision for the elderly - at a cost. :? Then WBC tell you it's covered by benefit support for those already on benefit. :? Then they realise they've made an error and reclaim the over-payment - these pen pushers then go home from the office, leaving a trail of distraught pensioners behind them. :twisted:

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