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Shields Released


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In a statement, Mr Straw said that during the last meeting with the Shields family on 28 August he was told about a visit by two members of the Shields family to the home of another man alleged to be responsible for the crime.



He said: "I was told that in the course of the visit that man made an oral confession to the crime in front of several other people.


"When looked at alongside all the previously available evidence, (it) has now satisfied me that Mr Shields meets the high test set by the court."


Presumably after that compelling evidence, we'll be seeing a fresh arrest?

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Looks like the man of straw has changed his mind after having a "chat" with his relatives.


Good for shields but maybe not for any other person convicted abroad; foreign governments are less likely to let convicts serve their sentences back here if the government let them out again!

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What was the purpose of Shields' relatives to the house of the subsequent confessor ? No sooner than they had left he withdrew this *confession* Very convenient. Shields is still a convicted attempted murderer, a pardon doesn't alter the verdict of the Bulgarian court. In effect Straw is telling the Bulgarians that their system of justice is worthless despite producing several eye witnesses to the crime they are not to be trusted. It goes to show that if you get enough people shouting loudly and long enough weak politicians like Straw will cave in. Slogans on footballer's T shirts isn't evidence of Shields being not guilty.

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I can refer from your answer eagle that this


BTW, sooner or later you are going to have to accept that some posters, if not the majority, have differing opinions than yours. Whether they or you are correct stop acting like a prat.


and this

It isn't my turn.


That I am entitled to an opinion and you were just being a prat because you had nothing constructive to say.


I do not mind you being a prat, but I would rather you practiced on someone else :wink::roll::wink:

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Why does ANYTHING remotely related to football just end up as blokes calling each other names?! :roll:


If we ban the damn game will we get all the DIY up to date or will you just fight about dominoes instead?


Either he did it and he's lucky to get out, or he didn't do it and he's lucky to get out. Only he knows which. Covers it really. Can we talk about painting the spare room now? :lol:

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