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In Search of the Iron Age


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:shock: See link below for my latest video feature ........



Join Archaeologist and Historian James Balme as he investigates further a possible religious Iron Age site in Cheshire that he has been exploring and researching for several years. The site that has produced rare Republican Roman silver coinage along with a bronze statue, Celtic in nature has also produced a large stone carving of a human effigy.



Could all of this evidence from just one field indicate that the site has Celtic religious origins and indeed was destroyed by the Roman army as it advanced on its drive north ??





Indy :D

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:shock: Geoff do you mean the bronze statue or the stone statue?


If you mean the bronze statue, that is a statue representing a temple dog ... the dog was the symbol of the Celtic god 'Nodens' and the Celts believed that the lick of the temple dog cured all sorts of conditions.

Nodens was the god of health and well being 8)

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