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New Supermarket?


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That soon :shock:


Just think by 2030 the new shopping mall will be over 21 years old ... they may well be looking to demolish it (if it hasn't already fallen apart :shock: )


It will be classed as dated, worn out and no longer 'fitting' as it certainly lacks any features that could be classed as being of any local importance, architectural merit or value :wink:

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My office relocated from Latchford to the town centre in 1996. When I was working I took a walk, most lunchtimes, up Bridge St for a bit of air. Every shop premises was occupied and there was little you couldn't buy on that street. I often walked, though, looking above street level. Some of the buildings were (are) architecturally beautiful, built with obvious civic pride, until Market Gate where the red-brick utility buildings start and the skittles dominate. It doesn't even begin to compete.


The new mall won't last long as a novelty (just as the original one didn't). People won't be attracted to Warrington to pay parking fees when they can go to the Trafford Centre or Cheshire Oaks and park free but our blinkered Council can't get their heads round that. Common sense would have said, "Build a large, free car park and renovate Warrington's shopping streets and market. Attract the customers to the shops we already have." Sadly, the Council seems to think, "New is Best". They'll see it isn't, in the end.

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