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Murdoch V the BBC.


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With the economic down-turn, it seems the tide has gone out on advertising sponsorship of the private sector media, prompting Murdoch Jnr to attack the BBC for providing "free" news and raising the spectre of some Orwellian State control of information. :? Well, assuming that were true, which it isn't: I'd prefer a State media monopoly than a Murdoch one, as the Italians would no doubt prefer it to a Burlosconi one. :shock: The fact is: the BBC is an independent Trust; it's not "free", we pay via our TV licence fee - and despite all the criticisms, the BBC remains an impartial news provider (arguably without an agenda), that we can trust. :shock: Now we may balk at the licence fee, but we also have to pay for advertising sponsorship via an addition charge on the goods we buy,so, on balance viva la BBC. :wink:

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