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Bus pass abuse?


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The bus pass has your photo on it, providing the drivers check it against the user, how is possible to "abuse" it?


It's hardly a passport check at immigration - I suspect many bus drivers don't spend too much time scrutinising the details like they do at airports! Ten seconds making a thorough examination of whether a person really is exactly the same as their bus pass picture could add minutes on to your local trip by the time you've accounted for every senior citizen at every stop.


Sounds like more of a press release to warn pass holders that checks will be taking place soon. Perhaps more important is this quote: "In addition, the smartcard passes are relatively new and by checking them now we can ensure that they will work properly when used on a bus fitted with the latest electronic ticket machines."


The local bus company has just started trialling new ticket machines which will at some point soon require senior citizens to put their smartcard free pass next to the reader pad - like they do in that there London with them Oyster cards (or closer to home as is already in place with free bus passes in Lancashire).

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Crumblies all look the same to me. :wink:


Any description I had to give would go -


Hair - Grey,

Skin - Wrinkly,

Glasses - Yes,

Sex - not for quite some time!


Inky Pete:


When all your teeth are going west,

Your hearing fails at every test,

Your sex life too has lost its zest

And you must wear a woolly vest.


As I am now, so you shall be

And, though departed I may be,

I shall look down and laugh at thee,

The once-young Pete, at sev'nty three.



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