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Time Team last night - how ironic ?


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:D Just had a phone call telling me that my Time Team programme was screened yet again last night on Channel 4!!!


:? Very Ironic how the programme concluded that 'everything had already been found by me so there was nothing left for Time Team to find?


:roll: Maybe they should be following my posts and films about the wonderful treasures that i am still finding some three years after their departure ..... :P

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Playground antics chaps :lol::lol:


I presume Indy that you have since politely informed the Time Team of your subsequent finding since they left :wink: .... thus making them feel slighly inadequate and under qualified in a polite and 'wecoming back' sort of way of course :D:wink:


I'm sure that with the latest finds, particularly your possible stone 'sacrifice' offering (which as you say has so far baffled the experts) the TV and news producers should become very interested once they are fully aware of its presence :wink:


Good luck :D

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:shock::D Dismayed, yes as you say they are well aware of my subsequent discoveries and silence has since been very much in plentiful supply ever since......


:shock: Regarding the stone sacrificial carving, yes certain regional news programmes are keeping a close eye on developments as we speak. If it is what it seems to be then a Time Watch or Horizon type programme would be appropriate to investigate this artefact.


The real problem is that if it is a prehistoric or early Celtic carving there are almost none in existence to compare it with ?? How the hell do you then draw similar conclusions, it is quite possible that it could be a unique piece of prehistoric art :?

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:?: We've already seen Indy's wonderful short films of his latest finds. The links are all on here , don't you look at them :?:roll:


I wasn't having a go at Indy or even you by the way :P I was just commenting on the fact that Warrington.tv is always about rugby and interviews with players etc etc.... and ,although it's probably hard to believe, not everyone is a 24/7 rugby fan.


Wouldn't be so bad if you filmed them with with only their shorts on during training sessions though... I'd click the link every day :lol:


I'd personally like to see things about other local tv news stories, events, maybe even some filmed tours of some of our historic buildings that are being opened to the public, all sorts really but not just rugby talk please 8)

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