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On the trail of Celts - A British God


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:shock: Join Archaeologist and Historian James Balme as he unearths his latest discovery to be made at the ancient settlement in Cheshire.



Having already unearthed many finds from the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman periods this latest discovery of a Celtic bronze amulet in the form of a dog is yet another clue to possible Celtic religious use of the land and along with Roman Republican silver coinage and a large stone carving representing a possible sacrifice already discovered at the site by James this latest find is further evidence of a possible Celtic shrine nearby ......

Cropmarks shown on aerial photographs led James to search the feature and the bronze amulet was found directly in the centre of the circular cropmark :?



:D Here is an example of another style of a Celtic Bronze Dog found recently on the Isle of Wight but this one was buried in much more favourable conditions hence it remarkable condition.



This example has its ears upright as opposed to down and is sat up. The example from Cheshire is in a crouched position with its ears down but has been lay in unfavourable burial conditions hence the much heavier corrossion. Even so still a very nice find indeed. :shock:

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