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radio warrington movie show


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Just a quick one to let you all know about my new show on radio warrington


I will be hosting the movie show thursdays 8-10, so anyone who is interested in movies, should check it out, its got loads of great music from films, reviews of cinema and dvd releases plus loads of features


you can join the group on facebook




and check out the blog where you can leave your own opinions and comments




please please get involved as the more people involved and interested the more exciting the show will be





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Think they only had a temporary air licence?


I did tune my car radio into them for a while but I always got really bad local reception which supprised me as Wire FM's is always very clear.


Got annoying after a while with all the crackling and missed bits so I gave up. Shame really as I was willing to at least give them a go for a few weeks :?


Good luck to them with their other ventures though.

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Nice to see someone else getting involved with the town's only dedicated radio staion based in Warrington for the people of warrington 24/7 seven days a week! :D


Thanks, im trying!!! :D


Had a listen last week Andy.


It was a good show.


Thanks. really appreciate that, this weeks will be much better though


and thanks everyone for the comments, i agree about lack of publicity, but i know most users of this forum know about the radio station which is good, just needs pushing because loads of people are working really hard to provide it





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