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HEAVEN and H.E. Double hockey sticks


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This post is older than I am, you've seen dozens of times as I have, but in case there is just one young person who hasn't seen it, here it is again:


Heaven is Where:

The Police are British,

The Chefs are Italian,

The Mechanics are German,

The Lovers are French


It's all organized by the Swiss.


Hell is Where:

The Police are German,

The Chefs are British,

The Mechanics are French,

The Lovers are Swiss


It's all organized by the Italians.


It reminded me of another list about perfect life for men here on earth, but I've forgotten that list. I think it started with an American house, a Japanese wife, an English automobile (old list, huh?), a German doctor, a Swedish maid, a French mistress.....

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