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Britain HAS got talent!


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Did anyone see Warrington's own Stephen Hough, soloing with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, in the BBC Proms concert on Saturday?

What a wonderful performance - what a wonderful pianist! And to think he comes back to Warrington a couple of times a year to play for charity.

If you've got kids, you should have made them watch this, FORCED them if necessary! What an example of what young people can do and ARE doing in this country all the time. And ordinary kids at that, as the programme showed you. From all walks of life, all parts of the UK and wearing all types of jeans and trainers. There must have been some very proud parents in that audience.

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I'm sure that Gary will rectify the situation and James will capture a performance on film. I've been watching quite a bit of the proms which has been good.


Enjoyed the youth orchestra whose conductor is resident at the Royal Liverpool Phil




I bet he thoroughly enjoyed the experience especially as the young Russian conductor, Vasily Petrenko, will have made sure that he had a very enjoyable time.


I didn't realise that Steven Hough was there, I wonder if it's on BBCiplayer.

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I've listened Hough interviewed locally in Los Angeles and enjoyed many of his virtuoso recordings. That reminds me, I still haven't been to a record shop to purchase his CD collection of Rachmaninoff's concertos and rhapsody -- I think it was with a Texas orchestra.

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