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Secrets from the River ....


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In May 2009 Archaeologist & Historian James Balme was researching a river that runs through the ancient settlement that James discovered almost 12 years ago. The settlement has produced artefacts dating from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Roman period of history, but nothing could have prepared James for what he was to discover partly buried in the gravels of the riverbed.



For what he has discovered appears to be a stone human effigy approximately the size of a small child and what seems to represent the swaddling of the body, a common practice during ancient times. Measuring over 2ft in length and weighing in at approximately 100lbs the artefact still remains a mystery as to its exact purpose and James is carrying out intensive research to trace the origin and date that it was made. Was it a ritual carving deposited in the water during ancient times ?? ...

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