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Heartbreak for Wolves


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Louis Anderson made his usual pointless dash out of the defensive line presumably seeking the big hit(which never comes)to gift them a try...Mathers made a complete balls of collecting the ball over his own line, gifting them yet another try. Compare Sinfield when faced with practically the same situation as Mathers..He booted the ball into Row Z of the stand. Mistakes are being made every bit as bad as some of Kev Penny's...He was shipped out to Widnes as a result. Watching the Wire he must be feeling hard done by.I am starting to be impressed by Monaghan who is playing really well in his natural position of hooker.

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Come on Safe's stop being so hard to please,we were a gnat's whisker away from beating (arguably)the second best team in Super League.


Let's be positive even Tony Smith said he was proud of his team last night.



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The Wire are perhaps on a level with Leeds and Wigan right now. Only St Helens are considered to be better. I'll be amazed and disappointed if we aren't at least on the same level as St Helens next season. Wire have now got a top class coach and I expect his close season signings to take us there but he has to get them to stop making daft mistakes. I'll be back next season with my magic battery operated ciggy

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