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Per adua ad astra.


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The Japs have produced a robot, which recently modeled a wedding dress on the cat walk; a scientist claims he can re-produce a human brain within 10 years; sperm can now be created from stem cells - so perhaps humanity will make itself redundant?! :shock::wink:

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James May had a programme looking at how close robotics can come to imitating a human being. there were some pretty wild things on it.


some robots that could run and walk upstairs and downstairs without falling over. there was one in japan that looked so realistic it was really creepy, it only sat in a chair but had realistic facial movements.

they had a powered exoskeleton that would enable people to lift heavy objects with ease and also a wheelchair that could be controlled by thought alone. mind you it took a lot of concentration and he did manage to crash into the scenery. :lol:


as for humanity being redundant in these times there are quite a few of them :wink:

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