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Ritual Stone Carving - Latest update ...


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:D well i've shown it to many people without giving them any information or a hint as to what to look for and almost everyone who has seen it immediately pointed out the face and features.


Whilst i admit to having a trained eye for such things, it is much clearer when seen in real life !!


There are many carved details that need close inspection including a rope twised around a wooden steak and the neck of the poor victim. But even the hairstyle is typical of the Bronze Age/Iron Age.



Can Anyone else make out the features ?? watch the film and let me know if you can make it out .... :roll:

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:shock: Following the discovery of the ancient stone carving that i made in May 2009 see now the latest feature following cleaning and preservation of the object, it clearly depicts an early form of human sacrifice .......


If you only made the stone carving in May 09 then it is only 2 months old so why on earth would it need cleaning and preserving?


Who descovered it... maybe you should tell them it's not very old :lol::P


Must admit it has a scarey little face which is quite obvious... have no sound on my PC at the moment so I only saw the images and didn't hear the real tale behind it all 8)

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:D Very funny Dismayed !!! it could date back as far as 2000bc and yes i discovered it cheeky .....

Get the sound sorted out and listen to the story behind it..... :roll:


Wingnut 8) I can tell you i discovered it in the river Bollin close to an ancient crossing point of the river........ also close to a prehistoric burial ground ...... :cry:

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Thanks for that Indy.

Apologies for going off topic, but do you know of any battles that were fought near Kingsway Bridge? A friend of mine once found a sword when he was building an underground hut as a child. I lost contact with him many years ago, so unfortunately I can't give any more information as to what the sword looked like.


Thinking back, I'm pretty sure it was a Cromwellian type sword that he described to me.

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