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MP's at risk?


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One can imagine, that the next Parliament, will retain some form of expenses system, but with an overly beaurocratic element, causing them to spend more time with an accountant than being accountable. :? Much simpler to just scrap allowances and expenses; pay 'em a salary, provide them with accomodation and support services, and hopefully they can concentrate on the one job! :shock:

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Well the new Bill meant to cure the sleaze, has been totally castrated by the Tories, which shows none of them have learned a thing from the debacle and are back to buisiness as usual. :twisted:


Obviously they are convinced that they will win the next election so it would be alike to cutting their own throats. :roll::roll:

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The reality with Parliament is, that nothing has fundementally changed - they will still be claiming for two homes, when a hostel would do: they'll still be claiming for family to work for them and for office expenses - which could be provided: and they'll still be doing more than one job, and being influenced by commercial interests. :twisted: As for bringing the whole anacronistic toilet into the 21st century - forget it! :roll::twisted:

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